Please Note: We have no official connection with the Royal Air Force, No 72 Fighter Squadron RAF, or the Ministry of Defence (UK). 

It is not intended to offend or dishonour the men and women who severed with this, or any other squadron. Using the name "SWIFT" 72 Squadron in Aces High is our humble tribute to No 72 Fighter Squadron RAF, their efforts and their sacrifices.

No 72 Fighter Squadron RAF has a long and rich history, but we won't attempt to write about it here. If you've found your way to this web site in search for information on No 72 Fighter Squadron RAF, here's some links to other sources of information about this squadron.




"Swift To Battle" Vol 1-3 by Tom Docherty.



'"72 Squadron History" by Guy Warner


"Algiers to Anzio with 72 & 111 Squadrons" by Greggs Farish and Mike McCaul



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Squadron Prints, Bookmarks


DeltaWings Squadron Print: Spitfire Mk 1 72 Sqn. Order Number 072/spi


Squadron Bookmark: B118 Spitfire IIa P7832 'RN-S' 72 Sqn, RAF Acklington

Squadron Squadron Print: 470 Spitfire IIa P7832 'RN-S' 72 Sqn, RAF Acklington



Spitfire on Patrol - Scenes of the Battle of Britain - Aviation Art by Geoff Nutkins


First Pass - Spitfire I flown by Flt Desmond Sheen of 72 Squadron in 1940 - Aviation Art of Steve Heyen


Coming Home by Trevor Lay
A Mk Vb Spitfire of 72 Squadron en-route for Biggin Hill, Kent, England