WWII Arena "SWIFT" 72 Sqn. RAF members can be found Here

An individual squad in Aces High may have as few as 2 or as many as 32 members (larger squads form wings by creating multiple squads of the same name, the largest now having some 120 members). As AH is played all over the world, many squads are made up of members living in different locations, possibly in different countries, and may never have met each other personally.

As you can see "SWIFT" 72 Squadron is one of the smaller squads in AH. We all live within a few miles of each other (located fairly close to Farnborough Airfield in the South of England), and some of us have know each other going on for 20 years now. As such, Squad Meetings, Tactics, and ACM are usually planned and discussed (complete with all the usual hand movements associated with such discussions) over a pint in our local pub.

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